V.A. Shaman Sound Temple - Namaho Records

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V.A. Shaman Sound Temple - Namaho Records
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eautiful - solah , posted 06/05/08
Killin it!! Alien Mentals track is super duper - Cinder , posted 07/21/07
VA - Shaman Sound Temple
No words to describe it..i'm speachless! - Zero , posted 07/02/07
V.A. Shaman Sound Temple - Namaha Records
Come uncover the secrets of the temple, where the holy trance dance ritual has taken place through the sands of time! Listen carefully as within the sounds lay ancient secrets the shamans are trying to tell you! Packed with pure raw, tribal psychedelic energy, the doors of the temple have now opened! Enter!
Shamans : Ancient medicine men with divine healing abilities, known to use chants, mantras and herbs in their practices. They were considered to have a connection with higher forces, not understood by normal humans, using the power of sound to transcend unto the beyond! Now journey with us into the heart of the Namaha sound temple, where the modern day shamans of sound and masters of consciousness are waiting for you to begin the holy rituals of dance, trance and stomp! This passage of initiation will take you through magical, mystical and twisted planes of night and dark trance, from deep and deadly basslines, twisting leads, with elements of groove and melody, but always with a tinch of madness! The shamans and their apprentices beckon to you...heed their call! Come experience the mind altering & healing power of sound! Dance and celebrate as the shamans destroy your perception of reality and make your world crumble..For only by destroying the ego can your true self be reached! This night time tribal ritual features some incredible new psychedelic talent as well as some of the masters to oversee the ceremony! Boom Bholenath!


MANDALA ECHOS - sykedeloun brain tones
AGHORI TANTRIK - om kring kalika namaha (remix)
CARTOONS - sour sweets
PSYCHOZ - the exorcist
LIQUIDNOIZE - speed of darkness
DETONATIK - etymology
ALIEN MENTAL - stress disorder
PALEX - the underworld
MUNK E - shaman's mantra
WIZACK PEYYA - wish from sahil

Mastering by Tim Schuldt, 4CN Studios
Artwork by Adhish & Abhi
Compiled by the Namaha Projekt (MunkE, Abhi, Candyman)

Release Date : May 4th

Available on :


Please visit www.namaharecords.com for more info - fungusok , posted 06/27/07
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